Hexarelin, otherwise known as Exomerlin is a complex six peptide-like Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-6. It is often stamped out from the screen because of its distinctive features, however, this black sheep sometimes overlooked for a few benefits. The gross underrated Hexarelin shouldn’t be sidelined, but rather studied to learn the positive effects and usability for athletes and bodybuilders due to its contribution to bone mineral density. This polypeptide is now considered at American Science Labs – GHRP 6 due to the ability to release more Growth Hormone from the pituitary gland when injected through intravenous, intranasal, subcutaneous and orally on animals.

The bioavailability is much higher with i.v and subcutaneous modes as per the literature, and hence it is a waste to administer nasal or oral. On top of that, one or two injects daily do not sound bearable in polite circles too. Hence, skin is the viable mode of administration. Many studies are being done on modified peptides and proteins, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26126913 is the article where a study on recent advancements in immunomodulatory peptides are given. Hexarelin, according to the animal studies, the correspondent of the GHRP-6 trigger the release of Growth Hormone inside the body. Apart from that, being the most effective drug, it does not have the food-craving properties shown by these animals under investigation. Unlike most other class of drugs, the weight gain is found to be null when compared to other secretagogues after administering to animals. Hexarelin induces the release of Growth Hormone without affecting the deposition of fatty layers on cumulative administration.

Mechanism of Action of Hexarelin

Most of the ghrelin stimulating medicine endlessly binds to hormone receptors and retain a layer of fat within a short period of time. Whereas, Hexarelin, according to the simulated model studies does not have such detrimental effects on ‘hunger hormone’ ghrelin. It stimulates Growth Hormone This mechanism of action keeps heparin in the first line of choice of growth hormone secretory drug. The significant role of Hexarelin on Prolactin and ACTH cortisol releasing activity has been observed, however, the mainstream mechanism is yet to be discovered. A comparative study between the GHRP-2, 6 and 1 are also demonstrated, but so far, the results showed Hexarelin to be the most effective one among all three.

Recent studies on rats observed strange findings of Hexarelin on Cardiac receptors apart from the GH releasing benefits. This peptide, to a certain extent, can directly aid in cardioprotective pressure issues as well as healing of tissues of the heart. In children, injection of Hexarelin and Testosterone combined has elevated effects on Growth Hormone. This scientific data shall take its way to benefit the athletes in the future since the Hexarelin-Anabolic steroid combination induces response on growth hormone. The evidence collected by the researchers are not appreciable enough to find the total benefits, like muscle gain.

Hexarelin is similar to anabolic steroids but it does not come with any side effects to be bothered about. The peptide is a growth hormone releasing a resource that is devoid of side effects in animals. Sometimes side effects are seen in lab animals but these are mostly mild and do not produce any aggressive health effects.

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