Workouts To Achieve Bikini Body This Summer

Winter makes girls to hide themselves inside sweaters and jerkins, so the size isn’t a matter of fact. When summer starts, everyone will be watching out to have a perfect body to sizzle in their bikini beach wear. Is it possible for someone to get rid of the little extra fat and tone their body fort this unique summer outfit? The answer is “Yes”. With four weeks of vigorous and dedicated workouts, a person can tone their muscle. Click here that challenges a few more abs challenges to get a bikini body within four weeks.

The same set of workouts should be repeated in all the four weeks with a resting time of 30-45 seconds with gradual increase in the intensity of the exercise each week. The first week is dedicated to train the body and increase the flexibility. All crunches, planks, leg rising should be done starting with a warm up session of jogging. In addition to this, any three days of the first week should consist of high level intensity training of any cardio exercise.

Week two consists of combining pair exercises and performing it with little bit high intensity than the first week with the same 30-45 seconds interval time between each set. The HIIT should be continued in the second week also. Third week, all the superset exercises should be done as drop set with 45-60seconds in between the set. HIIT should be continued in third week as well with an extra ten minutes cardio workout.

Fourth week is the crucial week where all the exercises are done as sets, super sets and drop sets with no interval. At the complete finishing of a set, interval time of 60-90 seconds can be taken. All the energy and stamina been grown for the past three weeks will help in doing the fourth week with maximum intensity possible.

Anything is achievable with utmost perception and confidence. Bikini body is not an exception to this.