Tips To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair At Home

hair removal at home

Everybody desires a smooth, hairless skin. Hair removal, especially in some areas other than the familiar places like hands, legs and face, are a very personal procedure. Due to this many people are looking for alternates for hair removal to avoid visiting beauticians or other professionals. There are many best products for hair removal at home. There are many websites like which has reviewed these products are given a thumbs up. The following tips suggest methods for hair removal at home.

Hair removal cream
These are creams or lotion you rub over the area where you want to remove hair. It is left on the skin for about 10 to 15 minutes, and then the cream is removed with a rag or cotton. These are very effective but last only for a few days as the hair is not removed from its roots.

You remove unwanted hair by using a razor or an electric shaver. The popular belief is that hair grows back thick if shaved, but as per dermatologist, that’s not a correct view. Hair that is not shaved has a soft tip when hair is cut, only the top part of the hair which is soft is removed. When you shave the hair, it feels rough as the soft tip of the hair is shaved off.

A sticky wax is spread on your skin, then using cloth strips the wax is pulled off, and the hair comes along with it. It is best suited for removing unwanted hair anywhere in the body, including the bikini area.

Laser hair removal
Laser hair treatment involves using intense beams of light to destroy the roots. It is the most efficient way of permanently removing unwanted hair. Many people choose to go for this treatment for its long lasting effect compared to other hair removal methods.